Very Blessed Christmas

The Wee One & The Bigger OneI love Christmastime. Not the running around trying to search out the perfect gift for persons who will ultimately either take it back to the store or give a lackadaisical response. Not even the numerous and ongoing mega-sales. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good sale. But fighting the other sale shoppers is beyond meChristmas Conversation. I would just rather not.  Not even the multitudes of family that I invite over for brunch and that stay until early evening. I love Christmas lights. I love sitting in a darkened room with the Temptations singing any holiday song followed by Luther Vandross singing any thing at all. A room where the only light comes from a glowing Christmas tree. All decorated. I love the smoldering glow as if it were the lone candle on Jesus’ birthday cake.

This year, I had no less than 20 family members come through for brunch. I love all the love. The young, the old, the distant and near. Even now, we have Christmas company staying the night. I don’t mind all the cooking or even all the garbage produced. I am very blessed to have so many loved ones come and spend such a day with me. I truly hope that even if you do not celebrate the birth of Christ, that you are still blessed to have good friends and great family to spend your days with.

Oh, and check the protective do still going strong!!

Merry Christmas my lovelies!