We Love Sweets

I am a self purported urban farmer. Ok, yes. That would be delusions of grandeur. Is it grandeur to consider ones self a farmer? Does ‘ones’ in ones self require an apostrophe to be possessive? Does the English language require one to possess ones self? Rewind. I am a gardener and by that I mean that each year I plant seeds and plants into the ground, somewhat forget about them when it is mosquito season and then pray that they will actually produce fruits or vegetables before they freeze to death.

My garden has sprawled to almost the front yard. Mostly because I have a lot of shade and dappled sunlight in what is considered a more appropriate veggie area, the backyard. I am perfectly fine with the concept of gardening in the front yard but “The Marine” on the other hand. Well suffice it to say that he complains and scowls at the current growing arrangements because they are not neat, tidy, and similarly arranged. You know, like barracks or boots lined up against a wall. No, the mishegas that takes place in my garden beds cannot be contained by military regime nor will said regime allow such a disarray in the front yard. I digress.

I love spinach. But more than spinach, we as a family love sweet potatoes. I grow sweet potatoes. The free way, which entails getting a tuber making letting it sprout. Throwing the slips out into the dirt. Harvesting sweets hopefully before the first frost (if I can remember). I love growing sweet potatoes. They are by far the easiest and most interesting thing to grow and subsequently make into pie. I don’t have any fancy ‘sweet duds’ (you know, a fancy place to grow sweets). I use a deep, plastic, under-bed storage box. Got it from Big Lots for dirt cheap, drilled some holes in the bottom, added some Mel’s Mix and voila. Taters. It works really well.

I have long envisioned a larger place for tater growing. Basic ground dirt is just not gonna happen. To tough to dig. I need light weight soil for ease of harvest. I really want a fancy new raised garden but that is mostly a conversation non-starter. But I do have to get something as my trusty box didn’t survive this winter and well, winter isn’t even over yet. So here I am, scheming and conniving to get a new growing area. I think I will build it. I can build it. Don’t look at the screen that way, I really can. I have built other boxes and they have survived for years… about 5 in fact.  Just gotta convince “The Marine” that this is really needed and will be neat and tidy. HA!

Til later lovelies.

Is your green thumb-sense tingling?

4 thoughts on “We Love Sweets

  1. Dear Mr. Marine, can you please build several raised beds for your love one so that she may enjoy the many benefits home gardening has to offer? LOL Please let us know if you need any advice or suggestions.

    • I read your comment to him and he just raised an eyebrow! Ha! lol. We have priced out some untreated wood and decided on the length for one box. I will simply build two more boxes and but them outside and then they will grow dirt. Whatever will he say after that :). I will make them all uniform and pretty though. I am considering adding the SIP self-watering system to each box. Any thoughts?

  2. Always a great idea. I have tried for several years to get my Hubby to build some. Guess what, nothing. So this year I will be building some out of untreated pallets. With his tools!!! LOL
    Yes, the self watering idea sounds good. Are you going to go frugal and use bottles, cones, etc or a drip irrigation system with a timer? The latter is a good idea but I am very, very frugal and utilize the former. My frugality drives my hubby nuts. What part of the mid Atlantic do you live? We are in western New York.

    • We are in Maryland. I just started printout items and I astonished to see how expensive the corrugated tubing is. I may just use bottles instead. I try to spend only where I want or have to. Stay safe and warm.

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