Review: Protective Style with TGIN

So just after New Years, I received an email stating that TGIN (Thank God I’m Natural) was having a sale. So I secured my uber great price of $9.99 and free shipping and went big. TGIN is sold a select Walgreens, just none in my area. So sale and free shipping were the way to go. I purchased: the Butter Cream Moisturizer for Natural Hair and the Twist and Define Cream for Natural Hair .

This is the first time that I have flat twisted my entire head myself. So as you can imaging, it took forever. Mostly because I kept taking breaks to chill with the kiddos and the Marine or snack or watch t.v. or sit down or almost anything that didn’t involve twisting my hair. My shoulders are a tad sore from trying to get the sides and back and the Girl stated that the back looks good. In fact, she actually complimented my hair which almost never happens.

So anyway, back to the products. They smell good. Not overwhelming but not anything to right home about. I don’t want hair products that have strong smells. Interferes with my natural glory. 🙂

I started off on clean but dry hair. I spritzed it with water or Jane Carter’s Re-Store Moisturizer (I really use this because it smells yummy) and then the TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer followed immediately by the twist and define cream. I sectioned my hair leaving what amounted to a mohawk in the center. I used one of CharyJay’s protective updo’s as a template. First time yall. I flat twisted the sides toward the mohawk and then individually twisted the center. I gathered pieces in the back and began to twist them up the middle. Pinned it. Then I wrapped the front around until it kinda resembled a Pompadour. Pinned it.

Okay, so that was a style. Not a great style as the ends were pointy (in hindsight I should have rolled them on rods but I didn’t). The back of my hair, the nape (you know, the kitchen) is relatively short.  So the most I can do with it is one flat twist in that area… and then pray it stays. It didn’t. I had to re-twist if several times but that is the transitioning life isn’t. Since my hair is not really long, there were a ton of hair pins attempting to keep it together.

I know, I know. This is a long review. Here is the best part, first, the ends didn’t untwist like they did with the Qhemetics. Second, The flat twist out ways so defined  it was obnoxious. Remember, most of this hair is bone straight. I wore the twist out for one day before I started loosing the definition. The roots/new growth had super powered definition. If my entire head of hair had been natural, I think I would have had the bomb diggety (yes… bomb diggety) twist out. I have worn it for a second week in a halo. A very textured flat twist halo.

Were there any cons? Yes, the moisturizer seemed to leave white residue on my flat twists that just dried and looked crusty. I don’t know that using the moisturizer in updos is the way to go as there is not way to rub it in and it doesn’t soak in. I really don’t like the crusty. But perhaps a bit of oil added to it will make the difference.

Would I recommend it? Heck yeah. There was not any stickiness afterwards, and the twists were so well defined. I am gonna try a regular twist out his weekend with rods on the ends and see how that works.


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